“Paula is a very engaging, professional and committed group facilitator.I enjoyed being in her group and found her very helpful for my spiritual and personal growth.”
Andi Goldsticker

Dr. Paula Joyce is the real deal!  I’ve seen a few spiritual directors, counselors and pastoral guides along my journey for the past 25 years, and I value them all.  But I must say that, when I had a few sessions with Paula last year during my cancer healing recovery process, it was like several years of therapy in just a few hours – amazing!  I could feel that she truly has Angelic Guides assisting her in her sessions with me and other clients.  Transformative insights that would normally take months of therapy happened in just a few sessions!  I highly recommend Dr. Paula Joyce’s work to anyone and everyone who is interested in the FAST track to spiritual transformation.  She is truly an angel, so compassionate, wise, gentle and direct.  Just what the doctor ordered!” Brother ChiSing, M.Div. Spiritual Director of the Dallas Meditation Center

“It’s an honor to work with you. I can’t thank you enough for helping me see the truth about myself and my husband. Since our first contact you enlightened me and opened my eyes. Our call yesterday ended my confusion and helped me see clearly what I should do. I have spoken with many good coaches who are my teachers and classmates, and you stand out strongly in your courage to speak the truth and your willingness to share the wisdom that you have accumulated from your life experience. I thank God for having you in my life. I hope that you continue your journey in helping others while living a healthy and happy life.

Thank you, also, for reminding me about your on demand radio show with Dr. Dawson Church. I already listened to it. I appreciate your hard work in bringing on guests who are as wonderful as you. ” Samah Delaig

“Yesterday was illuminating!  You are fantastic.  This planet it so fortunate to have you grace it with your incarnation.  All souls that come within your wake are uplifted.” Timothy Szal


“I have to say that even though you have great guests, it is your sharing at the beginning of your shows that I enjoy the most. I love how positive you are and how gracious and kind you are with your guests. I am truly honored to be one of them. Your clients are very lucky people.” Beilah Ross

“You are a pillar of positivity 🙂 thank you for making a difference in my life.” Keni Thomas


“The problem solving session you conducted with our executive team was so helpful. We kept going back to what we did with you and we understood so much more because of our work with you. In fact, on Sunday, I pulled out your notes and used it to confirm that we had reached deeply and had come at the work from a good place due to your facilitation.”
Debra Levy

“Dr. Paula is going to have a long, lustrous career because she is a natural. Dr. Paula knows that Love is what it’s all about. I endorse that 100%.  I wish Dr. Paula the very best, and I know that her program is going to make the world a better place.” Dr. Larry Dossey 

“Thanks in no small part to you, I have completed a young adult mystery book about a catering family (24,000 words and lots of recipes). Query letters are in the mail and I’m working on the next book in the series. Please count me among your many successes!”
Pam Buchmeyer Berlin

“I enjoyed this morning’s session. It was nice to transcend my limitations!”  Don Weitz

“This workshop is a valuable tool for the emerging artist as well as experienced creative souls desiring to overcome personal creative blocks. Paula takes workshop participants on an exploratory journey, giving tools and techniques which can prove useful in opening up new possibilities inherent within.” Leisa Rich, Artist, Art Connection

“Mary and I would like to thank you again for having us on your show. We feel blessed that the Universal Oneness has connected us to you because you are such a divine conduit of spreading the love of oneness to all and bringing more love, freedom and light to the planet! Thank you for letting us share our journey with you and your audience, helping all to get back to the Truth.”  Dr. Dave DiSano

“It’s easy to be on Dr. Paula’s show because we agree with each other! Dr. Paula sees what is truly inside someone, and I connect with that completely.” Dr. Bernie Siegel

“As a professional artist, I recommend Paula’s process to artists interested in expanding their creativity.” Cynthia Padilla, Artist, Art Teacher

“I solved a two year challenge that was key to my business. $60,000 for a software package was not easily justifiable. With Paula’s process, I developed an alternative solution that was affordable and beneficial to both my company and the software provider.” Neil Fleming, PhD, President, Health Care Systems Consultants, Inc.

“The flood gates opened and I have more prospects than I can manage; more than I’ve ever had at one time–15 active prospects that are waiting for action from me! That’s the beginning of tons of new business.” Donna Hegdahl, CEO, The TransSynergy Group

“I love listening to Dr. Paula’s show. It brings to my mind the many hours of listening to Dr. Joyce Brothers. Oh my gosh, we have found the replace-ment for Dr. Joyce!  I think it’s great you’re doing it. You have a beautiful spirit Dr. Paula.” Suzie Humphreys

“A life changing experience.” Barbara S. Cambridge, Ph.D., University of Texas

“I love the energy that you hold. You create a sacred space where it feels safe to share and totally engage in the experience. Thank you! Michelle Wahlder, Counselor and Coach

“I am now more focused than I have been in a long time. Paula has a gentle way of guiding you to find your own solutions; and in the end, that’s the only thing that really works.” Cheryl Hayes, Fiber Artist and Art Teacher

“Paula’s techniques freed up my creative thought processes in a very positive way.” Lana Ford, U.S. Government, Social Security Administration

“I learned something about my personality and my approach to work.” Brigitte Saltarell, Human Resources Consultant

“I enjoyed your workshop and found much that is still helpful to me. By the end, I had a wonderful relaxed state of mind—rarely achieved until maybe the third day of a vacation far from home.” Linda Hunt, Dallas Community Television Board Trustee

“The exercises led me to some concrete solutions to specific problems.” H.F. Tibbals, University of Texas Health Science Center

“I solved a problem that had been holding me up for several days. I also now see beyond the immediate problem.” Jerry Bylander, President, Bylander Associates, Inc.

“I now understand a problem that has been bothering me for a while and what I can do about it.” Teacher, Belton Independent School District

“It’s hard to believe how articulate the crayons are when they speak from the right side of my brain.” Pat Silverman Rosson

“The exercises led me to some concrete solutions to specific problems.” H.F. Tibbals, University of Texas Health Science Center

“This opened my thinking and allowed me to make different choices.” Debbie Rhodes, Senior Employment Relations Consultant, Sprint

“I gained insight into what is the real basis for my block—not my perceived block. I wrote my next steps faster and in a more logical manner than in years and with more creative style.” Sandra Albrecht

“This opened my mind to discover the mental roadblocks holding me back from achieving my dreams. The planning process helped me discover how to overcome these obstacles.” Katy Graham

“You have opened a door in me that has been shut for a long time. Thank you.” Nancy Gordon, President, The Gordon Group

“Forced relaxation—helped clear my mind to get to the heart of my personal blockages.” Julia Wilson-Ritenthaler, Financial Advisor Team Manager, American Express Financial Services

“Fun, liberating, much more than I expected.” Carolyn Carney, Teacher, Tarrant County Community College District

“I found my hidden answers and realized that I can do it.” Engineer in transition

“I recognized what is blocking my creativity and how to unblock it.” Elizabeth Ovelman, Senior HR Representative, ORIGIN Systems

“Gave flow to the conference day. Opened me to new ideas I was learning.” Peggy O’Shaughnessy

“Paula always has a special way of tapping into those recesses where creativity hides and coaxing it into the open.” Crystal Ward Darby, Owner, Crystal Communications

“This lifted my spirits and enabled me to focus on my goals more directly. Pam Stone, Lecturer, Author

“Incredible breakthrough of negative limiting beliefs, deep within, that I did not even know were still there. On a new path to freedom!” Judy Womack, Life Coach

“This session helped me face some difficult life decisions, opening up the issues and showing me the path.” Phyllis Kramer

“I gained a lot of insight. I will use this in working with Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving.” Biel Barthalomer, Managaement Consultant

“The journey was wonderful. I watched myself go from hard structure to softness. It was way beyond my expectations.” Barbara Anderson, Vice-President, Container Store

“Paula’s insights, wisdom and connection with the group are outstanding.” Nadine Bell, Counselor and Facilitator

“Paula has wonderful presentation skills. Her talent, expertise and passion shined brightly.” Jackie Waldman, Author and Motivational Speaker

“Paula’s manner was calm, accepting, interested, affirming. She made it easy to participate.” Jan Burres, President, Interactive Training and Development, Inc.

“Very innovative. Gets a person to begin thinking about some very deep subjects.” Teacher

“The best 30 minute experience.” Rhonda Duchin, Owner, Rhonda’s Unique Clothing

“Thank you for a wonderful eye and mind opening experience.” Michelle Bassichis, M.D.

“I would highly recommend doing this exercise for anyone. It was much easier to think about my problems or inhibitions and work towards ridding them.” Neal Norten, Financial Advisor, American Express Financial Services

“It was an enlightening experience. I feel like I had a mental massage.” Linda Glauben

“Made me inspired to change my career and where I live.” Shannon Roberts, Web/Graphic Designer

“Paula helped me work through blockages that have stymied my creative output for the last 30 years. She is a remarkable force for good.” Chuck Lustig, Freelance Business Writer

“Your workshop has made a huge difference in my life. I have woken from my coma and rediscovered a love for life.” William Elliot, Mechanical Engineer

“Paula’s workshop helped me to get in touch with my own unique style of creativity. Through well-thought out, explorative processes, she encouraged me to express myself fully and authentically—without judgment—what a gift.” Michelle Wahlder, Counselor and Coach

“I hesitated for several months before taking Paula’s workshop. And now, I feel amazed, energized, empowered, and enlightened to create my work. I will run with open arms to embrace another one!” Janice Rose, poet

“As a result of your workshop and coaching, I have opened my life to new possibilities. Your professionalism and willingness to share are wonderful qualities. I am forever grateful.” Ruth Bouldes, Marketing, General Motors


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