Dr. Paula’s Services

Dr. Paula provides powerful tools for personal, professional and organizational growth. As you gain more skills and self-confidence, you will increase your success, life satisfaction, productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Services include:

Speaking: Want to inspire your team? Dr. Paula can speak at your next meeting, luncheon or dinner, or even be your Keynote Speaker.

Seminars and Retreats: Dr. Paula can provide one of her standard hands-on workshops or develop the content and time frame customized to meet your specific needs.

Coaching: When you need to focus on a few select leaders, Dr. Paula has programs that include group and individual coaching. You can choose to meet with Dr. Paula on the phone or in person.

    Creative Problem Solving 

    Do you feel you are capable of so much more than you are achieving? Join Dr. Paula on an adventure that will change your personal and professional life forever.

    Dr. Paula’s unique process taps into your innate creativity allowing you to become happy, free, fulfilled, authentic, joyful, positive and successful. She uses color to stimulate your imagination, allowing you to reach new insights and innovative solutions.

    When working with teams, she fosters a bond among the members as they learn new techniques for interacting in an open and dynamic way. They move beyond group think, and in going “outside the box”, find common ground in fresh solutions. Dr. Paula expertly guides you to:

    • Gain new insights

    • Increase your effectiveness and efficiencyPaula Joyce The Life Doctor Creative Problem Solving

    • Solve your most difficult problems

    • Create a positive outlook

    • Listen to the still small voice within

    • Dissolve the hidden barriers to your goals

    • Reduce your stress and increase energy

    • Gain new freedom and belief in yourself

    • Unleash your inner power

    • Bring peace and harmony into your life

    Dr. Paula’s Ultimate Creative Problem Solving Process helps you breakthrough your business, education, health, interpersonal and personal challenges. You identify the unique solutions that work best for you. Your productivity, creativity and teamwork soar, while reducing your everyday stress.

    • Improve your communication skills

    • Change your thoughts

    • Master new techniques for problem solving, planning and change

    • Enhance your leadership skills

    • Foster team effectiveness

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    Dr. Paula Joyce - Overcoming Abuse / Self-Empowerment

    Dr. Paula Presents

    Overcoming Abuse/

    Are you Ready to Conquer Abuse?

    1 out of 4 of us has experienced physical or sexual abuse. This number is even greater when we include verbal abuse. In fact, we all abuse ourselves with thoughts that we are NOT: good enough, thin enough, pretty enough, muscular enough, sexy enough, young enough, smart enough, rich enough…

    In this powerful, hands-on experience, you will:

    33 Tips for Self Empowerment by Dr. Paula Joyce

    • Understand and conquer abuse
    • Take back your power
    • Create your life from within
    • Gain new freedom, strength,
      self-empowerment and peace

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