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Past Life Regression Workshop

 Past lives are often the source of: déjà vu, healthy and unhealthy relationships, special talents and knowledge, fears and phobias and personal challenges.Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Paula will safely guide you to find your answers, keep the postive and let go of what’s hurting you.

In this workshop you will:

• Experience your past lives with Dr. Paula’s expert guidance
• Heal your past, present and future
• Release the negative influences from your past lives
• Connect deeply with your spirit and soul
• Understand the reasons for your current life circumstances
• Gain new self-awareness, empowerment and peace
• Learn new techniques to discover past lives on your own

Free: 1 copy of my best selling book, Nothing But Net, as a doorprize.
1, 10 minute follow-up phone session.
For more information, listen to Dr. Paula’s radio show programs on past lives.
Go to: 
www. paulajoyce.com 

 CSLDallas, A Center for Spiritual Living
 4801 Spring Valley Rd. # 113
 Saturday, July 29, 2017


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